R.G.Rentals LLC

A Delivery Rental Company of Midsize Construction Equipment.



Labor Price List

For all labor services there is a minimum $65.00 Charge for travel.


Full labor rate, Construction                   $65.00 per hour

Truck & Driver                                      $80.00 per hour

Track loader & operator                         $95.00 per hour

Excavator & operator                             $95.00 per hour

Skytrak & operator                                $150.00 per hour

Rock hound Services                              $165.00 per hour


Note:   To prep area for seeding, etc…

           for every 10,000 sq ft it will take:

           2 hours to eliminate and 2 hours to rock hound.


Augering Holes
20+ holes                     $11.00 per hole

          10-20 holes                      $14.00 per hole

           1-10 holes                       $17.00 per hole

                          Minimum $150.00

Trenching Services Available - Call for pricing


We offer pick-up and delivery of personal equipment  and palletable materials.



All repairs other than normal will be charged to the lessee.

All rentals will be paid up front unless prior arrangements are made.

A credit card or deposit is required for all rentals.

There will be a $25.00 fee for all returned checks.

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